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Microsoft makes emergency security fix


Microsoft has released an urgent update to stop hackers taking control of computers with a single email. The unusual bug, in Microsoft anti-malware software such as Windows Defender, could be exploited without the recipient even opening the message. Researchers working for Google’s Project Zero cyber-security outfit discovered the flaw at ...

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Firefox 52 Brings New ESR Version, Security Upgrades, And WebAssembly Support


Mozilla released version 52 of Firefox, which brings new security features, as well as support for WebAssembly, a low-level programming language for the web. The new version of Firefox also coincides with a new Firefox Extended Support Release (ESR), which means the Tor Browser will soon benefit from all the ...

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How Linux Helped Me Become an Empowered Computer User


If you were to ask any of my friends, they could readily attest to my profound passion for Linux. That said, it might surprise you to know that hardly two years ago, I barely knew what Linux was, let alone had any earnest interest in switching to it from Windows. ...

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NHS staff trigger Google cyber-defences


NHS staff using Google’s search engine has triggered one of its cybersecurity defences. NHS Digital confirmed so many NHS staff use the search engine that it had started asking them to take a quiz to verify they were “not a robot”. News site the Register reported one NHS Trust had ...

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Cocoon: Complete home security from one device


The Cocoon is a multi-software device that will secure your home though motion sensing and a camera that will send an alert to your smartphone automatically and effortlessly keep you safe. Cocoon combines HD Camera, Motion Detection & SUBSOUND™ Technology to sense activity throughout your home, all controlled through your ...

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Half the Web Is Now Encrypted. That Makes Everyone Safer


Computer security news is usually pretty dismal, from malware crippling the web to ransom ware taking down hospitals. But the web is getting safer in an important way. Today the average volume of encrypted internet traffic finally surpassed the average volume of encrypted traffic, according to Mozilla, the company behind ...

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Breached! Sweeping Events Under the Cyber-Security Rug


Security breaches represent constant headline fodder for news organizations. While a huge percentage of the companies and organizations are as open as they can be about the attacks and their implications, there are still many organizations that are not taking advantage of security; others are not disclosing breaches in a ...

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Web Security Spending to Increase Among IT Firms


In addition to spending more money on enterprise security, these IT firms are looking at a long list of complimentary security solutions including new sandboxing/virtual execution tools to prevent advanced persistent threats, IHS says. The IHS survey polled organizations that work in the enterprise security field with 64% of the ...

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