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Google Duo: Skype Has A Competition Now


A “full of friction” video calling app has just been launched by Google to give a strong contention to Skype and other video calling applications. According to Amit Fulay, Duo’s Product Manager at Google, “Video calling is full of friction right now,” with launch of this app. Although Hangout was ...

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Google Docs phishing email ‘cost Minnesota $90,000’


A phishing email that targeted Gmail users is estimated to have cost the state of Minnesota $90,000 (£69,400). About 2,500 state employees received the email, according to the state chief information security officer. Around the world, people have reported getting multiple copies of the email, while others have received the ...

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Best budget-friendly laptops, spring 2017


Finding a good budget laptop isn’t easy. But they’re out there. Here are five lower-cost portables under $800 worth pondering. Note that these laptops aren’t the cheapest of the cheap since rock-bottom pricing is almost never synonymous with quality and durability. Apple 13-inch MacBook Air: $799.99 The current physical design ...

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Android update makes Google’s Pixel C look more like its Pixel smartphones


Google’s Android 7.1.2 update has reportedly arrived with some Pixel C tablet owners, a few weeks after the beta version was rolled out to testers. The update tweaks the Pixel C’s interface to be closer to the Pixel’s, giving it the same buttons and blue-grey aesthetic as its smaller smartphone ...

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Quantum Computers From IBM, Google To Leap From Lab To Market In A Few Years


IBM and Google announced roughly at the same time that they plan to start to commercialize quantum computing technologies over the next few years, which would signal the exit of universal quantum computers from lab exclusivity and their entrance on the market. The two companies also predicted that in the ...

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Google’s YouTube TV: cord-cutters can watch how and when they want


With television habits changing fast, YouTube will launch a new service to put live-streamed TV in the pockets, purses and living rooms of subscribers. “YouTube TV” is coming “soon” to major U.S. centers for $35 a month, and will expand “quickly” to other cities, the company announced Tuesday. There was no information on which ...

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Google DeepMind: What is it, how does it work and should you be scared?


Today concludes the five ‘Go’ matches played by AlphaGo, an AI system built by DeepMind and South Korean champion, Lee Sedol. AlphaGo managed to win the series of games 4-1. ‘Go’ is a strategy-led board game in which two players aim to gather and surround the most territory on the ...

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Lenovo Launches Yoga A12 Android Convertible With Sleek Halo Keyboard


When we see new convertibles announced these days, they’re usually running Microsoft’s Windows 10 operating system. However, Lenovo is bucking that trend with its new Yoga A12 — a new convertible constructed of aluminum and magnesium running Google’s Android operating system.Lenovo is aiming the Yoga A12 at the “cost conscience ...

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NHS staff trigger Google cyber-defences


NHS staff using Google’s search engine has triggered one of its cybersecurity defences. NHS Digital confirmed so many NHS staff use the search engine that it had started asking them to take a quiz to verify they were “not a robot”. News site the Register reported one NHS Trust had ...

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Oracle denied new trial in copyright dispute with Google over Java


Oracle had claimed that some evidence was withheld by Google A jury had cleared Google of copyright infringement in May this year, upholding the company’s stand that its use of 37 Java APIs (application programming interfaces) in its Android mobile operating system was fair use, thus denying Oracle up to ...

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