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PTCL Internet Broad Band Speed

PTCL speed test, test internet speed, DSL test speed, PTCL users searching online how to test internet speed while experiencing low internet speed so often. Don’t worry to confuse here we have enrolled the all methodology for internet users of PTCL to check online speed test.

You can instantly know about your current speed, while you can compare your monthly subscribe internet package of MB, 2MB, 4MB and 8MB. Is it you test speed internet match with your monthly internet package of PTCL or not if so you can complaint it to 1218.

Official address of PTCL speed test is and instantly know the current speed. There is one gadget which will ask to begin, just click on this and rest of the work done automatically.

Outcomes of this gadget are current download speed from testing server, upload speed, webping means the time for receiving or sending small amount of data and stability.

How to Check Speed Test

Once you reach the official link of PTCL, you can immediately access your internet connection on the basis of your results. Always chose the large file to test the internet speed.
Keep in mind wireless connection speed is always lower then wire connected internet, install latest version of flash player, close the all downloaders and unnecessary browser windows.


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